Affordable Housing

In 2008 our clients and offices were threatened with eviction. Together with our stakeholders, we made a plan to secure permanent housing. We created a separate LLC, and with help from our generous donors we purchased a 20-unit apartment building named The Ramsey. The Ramsey is located near shops, parks, busses and amenities, on a quiet side street. The apartments are spacious and well-appointed.

In addition to our clients, The Ramsey provides housing for other low-income tenants, including four units reserved for previously homeless people with severe and persistent mental illnesses (referred by Downtown Emergency Services) and two units for previously homeless veterans (referred by Veterans Affairs Community Housing and Outreach Services).

We have made many upgrades to improve the building’s value, reduce bills, save water and energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These green improvements include installation of new siding, a new roof, and double-paned windows. With support we were able to install low-flow toilets, water-efficient showerheads, and LED lighting. Recently we upgraded the building’s old appliances to energy-efficient refrigerators, range hoods, dishwashers, stoves, garbage disposals, and washers and dryers. These sustainability projects have reduced our environmental footprint while saving our agency, clients, and low-income tenants money.

Funds for purchases and improvements have come from The Employees Community Fund of Boeing, The Norcliffe Foundation, The City of Seattle’s HomeWise Program, Seattle Public Utility District Multifamily toilet program, Wells Fargo, and many other generous donors.