Supported Living Services

Banchero Disability Partners provides twenty-four-hour support services and case management to adults with developmental disabilities.

We are proud of the fact that for the past four years our biennial State of Washington, DSHS program evaluations were flawless, and that our clients, their guardians, and our staff consistently rate us as an excellent place to get services or to work.

We provide support and education in areas of daily living such as: meal-planning, nutrition, cooking, shopping, budgeting, bill-paying, banking, cleaning, laundry, exercise, social skills, and using public transportation.

We provide financial and case management to make sure our clients have desirable jobs, social security income, subsidized housing, utility assistance, excellent medical care, and mental health services when needed.

We support and encourage our clients to enjoy recreation, enrichment, and leisure activities such as: joining sports programs, attending classes and cultural events, and volunteering their assistance to worthy causes.

We work with our clients so they understand and are part of the political process that affects their lives, advocate for their civil rights, and be full participants in their communities.

We serve people who have a wide variety of needs: from those who experience profound intellectual disabilities and require constant protective supervision, to others who need only financial or medical assistance. The age range of our clients is from about 20 to 60 years old. Many of the people we help experience a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis, and some have survived great hardships such as abuse or homelessness. Most of our clients live in single apartments among clusters of their friends. A few of our clients share a home with one or more roommates.

If you are interested in receiving our services, please obtain a referral from your Developmental Disabilities Administration Case Manager, and give us a call.


Relationship Class

Banchero Disability Partners has offered a relationship class to our clients and other community members since 1993. The class teaches the fundamentals of building friendships and loving relationships. It covers safety awareness, sexual assault prevention, how to create and maintain friendships, and how to improve communication in all relationships. Class members learn how to ask someone on a date and the practices of safe sex. Other topics include anatomy, body language, and cross- cultural communication. The Relationship Class is open for a small fee to all adults who have developmental disabilities. Please contact to receive upcoming class information.


The Ramsey Apartments

In 2008 Banchero Disability Partners was threatened with eviction from the apartment complex where many of our clients and our staff offices had been located for 17 years. Together with our stakeholders, we made a long-range plan to secure permanent housing for our most intensive-needs clients and our agency office. In 2010, with the help of our generous donors, we purchased the 20-unit Midvale apartment building and later changed the name to The Ramsey. The Ramsey is located near shops, parks, busses and city amenities, on a quiet North Seattle side street. The apartments were originally built as condos, so they are spacious and well-appointed. We finally have a permanent home, including a staff training space, and a wonderful fitness center where our clients get exercise.

We purchased the building when multi-family housing costs were at a historic low. Our donors provided $1.9 million in donations to our capital campaign. The Boeing Employees Community Fund and The Norcliffe Foundation have provided much-needed funds for initial and ongoing building improvements.

We are grateful and happy to have a comfortable and stable home of our own.