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Supported Living

Banchero Disability Partners provides 24-hour support services and case management to 35 adults who have developmental disabilities. Our clients have a wide variety of needs: from those who require constant protective supervision, to others who need only financial or medical assistance. Many of the people we help experience a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis, and some have survived great hardships such as abuse or homelessness. Most of our clients live in single apartments among clusters of their friends, some share a home with one or more roommates.

We provide support and education in areas such as: meal-planning, nutrition, cooking, shopping, budgeting, bill-paying, banking, cleaning, laundry, exercise, social skills, and using public transportation.

We provide financial and case management to make sure our clients have desirable jobs, social security income, subsidized housing, utility and food assistance, excellent medical care, and mental health services when needed.

We support and encourage our clients to enjoy activities such as: sports programs, attending classes and cultural events, and volunteering.

We work with our clients so they understand and are part of the political process that affects their lives, help them to advocate for their civil rights, and be full participants in their communities.

Affordable Housing

In 2008 our clients and offices were threatened with eviction. Together with our stakeholders, we made a plan to secure permanent housing. We created a separate LLC, and with help from our generous donors we purchased a 20-unit apartment building named The Ramsey. The Ramsey is located near shops, parks, busses and amenities, on a quiet side street. The apartments are spacious and well-appointed.

In addition to our clients, The Ramsey provides housing for other low-income tenants, including four units reserved for previously homeless people with severe and persistent mental illnesses (referred by Downtown Emergency Services) and two units for previously homeless veterans (referred by Veterans Affairs Community Housing and Outreach Services).

We have made many upgrades to improve the building’s value, reduce bills, save water and energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These green improvements include installation of new siding, a new roof, and double-paned windows. With support we were able to install low-flow toilets, water-efficient showerheads, and LED lighting. Recently we upgraded the building’s old appliances to energy-efficient refrigerators, range hoods, dishwashers, stoves, garbage disposals, and washers and dryers. These sustainability projects have reduced our environmental footprint while saving our agency, clients, and low-income tenants money.

Funds for purchases and improvements have come from The Employees Community Fund of Boeing, The Norcliffe Foundation, The City of Seattle’s HomeWise Program, Seattle Public Utility District Multifamily toilet program, Wells Fargo, and many other generous donors.

Board of Directors


Peregrin Sorter


Sound Law Center

John Schack

Vice President

Revolve Development

Don Bell


Don Bell CPA

Jennifer Fontaine


Director, Recruiting Operations Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Hayley Etnier

Director of Special Education

Edmonds School District

Carol Gothenquist

Business Development Director

Cascade Columbia Distribution

Kevin Hastings


Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC

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Retired, CEO

AMI International Naval Officer

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Sr. V.P. Int’l Private Wealth Advisor

KBB Wealth Management Group/Merrill Lynch

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Registered Nurse

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital

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Quality Assurance Engineer


Eric Oquist

Regional Operations Manager

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Lamin Samateh

Administration Assistant

Hearthstone Retirement Living

Client and Staff Spotlight

Ryan and Amie

Ryan joined us from his family home when he was 18, and completed his studies at Shorewood High School. Ryan has lived in a few settings with various roommates; currently he lives by himself at an apartment complex in Shoreline where several friends also supported by us reside.

Ryan and BDP staff member Amie have been a team for the past four years. Ryan says about Amie, “she does a really great job being my primary and she’s really great to get along with.” As Ryan’s “primary” staff person, Amie is responsible to help him with daily tasks such as budgeting and housework, but most important, she helps him realize his goals and dreams. For Ryan, this means keeping mentally healthy by incorporating exercise, planning positive activities, and writing about positive things that have happened. Amie (or another staff member) and Ryan walk almost every day on the Shoreline Interurban Trail near his home. Ryan’s best friend is also supported by BDP, and they often hang out enjoying music or going for walks.

Ryan is enthusiastically working to improve his life and shape it into his version of success. Over the years, Ryan has had ups and downs. Along with daily help from Amie, Ryan gives much credit to his doctor at Sound Mental Health, and his supportive family for his current success. With help, Ryan is now making and achieving many of his goals; he is getting lots of exercise and eating well, he plans to attend more community events, and to connect more often with his friends, as well as make new friends.

Through thick and thin, Amie has stood by Ryan’s side, and they have built a relationship of trust from which both have flourished as they meet new challenges. Their journey exemplifies the best of Banchero Disability Partners. We thank them both!

Client and Staff Spotlight

Ken and Ebrima

Ken had been living in an Adult Family Home (AFH), where they did not have the staffing to properly assist him. AFH’s provide food and shelter, and coordinate medical care, but they lack the funds to assist with much else. Ken was leaving the house in search of activity, but the world is not always a safe place, and Ken was at considerable risk. Ken often missed health appointments and his health was suffering. Ken was eventually approved for supported living, and he chose the Loya house, where he joined us in 2012.

At the Loya house, Ken has as much privacy as he would like, while joining housemates for meals and fun. With the help of his Case Advocate, Ebrima, Ken has turned his life around. Ken kicks back with old-school TV shows in the evening, and rarely misses church on Sunday. He has cut down his smoking and is taking better care of his health. He is at home for healthy meals, and is getting great medical care and follow-up.

Ken enjoys writing and drawing, mostly about his favorite topic, cats and kittens. He and Ebrima hit the library to check for new books or enjoy walks together around Green Lake, or to Starbucks. Ken still gets to explore, but with proper support, he is safe and content. Ebrima makes sure Ken has the opportunity to participate in Parks and Recreation activities. Ken’s favorites are movie night, live music, and joining game nights for Bingo and Yahtzee.

When asked how he feels about his services Ken said: "I like living Loya house I always want to live in luxury place staff is nice to me treats me good house mates happy people I like to be around I turn dream in reality I like it here at Banchero.” We are grateful that Ken chose us and we are proud that Ebrima and BDP are giving Ken the support he needs to be healthy and happy!

Client and Staff Spotlight

Becky and Messerat

Becky came from a Children’s Center to be served by us in 1999. She was 18 at the time and moved into her first apartment in her home town of Shoreline. Becky had a rough time initially, but gradually benefitted from the loving support she received. At one point she told us that she really appreciated that staff “had my back” and “made me feel safe.”

Anyone who meets Becky will soon hear of Messerat. Messerat has been at BDP for 9 years, and she and Becky have been working together for 6 of those years as a team. Messerat has become an expert ally to Becky, teaching and coordinating all financial, healthcare, household and relationship goals that she has. Becky says of Messerat, “She is a cool person to be around, she has a lot of good ideas.” In addition to their usual errands, doctor appointments, and chores, Becky and Messerat often take long walks together to visit local parks. Messerat says that she sees working with Becky as a partnership and she likes collaborating and working towards goals they set together.

Today Becky is living in an apartment that she shares with her beloved cat, Rita. She works part-time at Ace Hardware in Edmonds, and with help and encouragement from Messerat, recently completed her high school diploma. Becky is especially interested in the arts and finds painting to be therapeutic when she is experiencing times of stress. Becky has had some rough times in her past, but she has done well putting those behind her and forging ahead on a new life for herself. As Messerat says, “Becky is not a quitter, she always tries really hard, and if it fails, she tries again.” We at BDP are fortunate to be a part of Becky’s life and successes.

Client and Staff Spotlight

Kendall and Layla

Kendall is an outgoing, sociable young woman, who has a flair for the dramatic (literally, drama is Kendall’s favorite hobby and career goal). Kendall came to us in 2019, moving from her parents’ home. Being 22, it was time for Kendall to venture out on her own, so she joined us at The Ramsey apartments.

We partnered staff member Layla with Kendall as her Case Advocate. Together they created a routine to help Kendall ease into her new life and home as an independent woman. Each quarter, Kendall and Layla go through the activities offered through Parks and Recreation, and select programs that Kendall has an interest in (which is practically all of them) to add to her busy schedule. Recent activities have included: cooking classes, glee and drama, track and field and social club.

With the help of Layla and other staff, Kendall is mastering daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. Staff help Kendall budget her finances, so that she’s able to pay her bills on time, and to have a little money left over for shopping, perhaps Kendall’s all-time favorite pastime. Second to shopping, Kendall loves meeting new people and making friends. Layla and staff help guide Kendall in taking precautions when meeting new people, so that she remains safe when navigating social opportunities and making friends. Kendall loves to work out in the little gym at The Ramsey apartments, with the support of BDP staff members to use the equipment safely.

When we asked Kendall what her relationship with Layla was like, she described forming a ‘close friendship’ with Layla, and feels confident to confide in Layla on many matters. Kendall says “I like her (Layla) a lot, we are like sisters!” We are delighted to be a part of “Team Kendall” and are looking forward to helping her achieve her many goals.



Two student teachers organized Friends Services, providing a home to six previously institutionalized children. We were the third children’s group home in the state.


The children moved to Shoreline when our benefactor, John Banchero, donated a much-needed permanent home.


We made the transition to an adult supported living agency, and moved into an apartment complex. We soon expanded to serve more young adults in need.


With government grants, we purchased a second house in Shoreline. The Loya House (named in honor of former director Elizario Loya) still provides a comfortable home to four of our clients.


We sold our aging group home and saved the money to purchase updated housing. By this time, we were providing highly rated services to 24 adults.


We purchased the Midvale (now The Ramsey) apartment building in North Seattle, and moved our offices and many of our clients to the new location.


With the support of dedicated donors, we raised $1.9 million and paid off the building loan. Currently 11 clients and 12 community renters live at The Ramsey which was named in honor of key booster Dick Ramsey.


We support 35 adults with developmental disabilities. We provide 135,000+ annual hours of daily living services and extended programs to our clients at The Ramsey and CP Nelson Apartments, the Loya house, and in rented homes in Shoreline, Washington. We provide high quality housing for 27 low-income tenants at The Ramsey, administer 26 apartments for low-income tenants at CP Nelson, and produce critical education for community members in our Relationship Class.

Our management and direct support staff team have dozens of years of industry experience, and possess a fierce passion for advocacy. They have degrees in areas such as: public policy, public administration, accounting, social work, counseling, etc. We are very proud of our wonderful tradition of highly rated and personalized services, provided in a relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere.